"Working with Yosemite Photographers and assisting them in going to the 'right place at the right time' to come away with beautiful images is the goal of the workshops" -Pat Althizer .
Having over 12 years of private guiding experience in Yosemite Park, Pat also leads small group photography workshops. With NPS permits as an official park approved photo workshops guide, Pat has created a special package to include lodging discounts and group transportation into the park.

The workshop participant can expect a full fun filled day in the park together with other like minded photographers. You will be picked up at the designated meeting spot, with Pat as your guide and spend the day visiting a number of locations and classic sites. The goal will be to learn new skills, see some amazing scenes and capture beautiful images of Yosemite. At the end of the day, you will return to the same pickup location.  

A special room discount has been arranged with a local lodge in Oakhurst, CA. When reserving your room  be sure to mention "Photo Workshop" with Pat Althizer. Along with a discounted room, a special charter bus has been arranged with a local tour company to transport the small group of 8 photographers with Pat as the ride along workshop instructor guide.

You should bring a sturdy tri-pod, remote shutter release, filters, camera manual for reference, appropriate clothiing depending on the season and any personal items such as sun screen, sun glasses, head coverings and hiking boots for safety. Included is bottled water. Not included are any meals or food items.  

To reserve your day in the park with Yosemite Workshops with Pat Althizer go to the Signup page and email your information including date of when you will be visiting and the preference for the Photo Workshop. You can also call direct or leave a message on my cell phone (559) 760-6124.  You will in return be sent a custom itinerary for your review including dates, times and costs. Upon acceptance of the proposal for your visit to Yosemite you will be emailed a request for deposit via PayPal to reserve and secure your date.

Spring in Yosemite
This workshop is in May and will include an emphasis on waterfalls and springtime scenes.
Summer in Yosemite
This workshop is in June and will include an emphasis on waterfalls and summer scenes.
Fall in Yosemite
Winter in Yosemite
This workshop is in November and will include an emphasis on fall colors and  scenes.
Yosemite in Winter can be an adventure and offers many photo opportunities to capture beautiful scenes.

On Feburary 2020 you can be a part of a small group of photographers going into Yosemite to see the snow and flowing waterfalls that most park visitors do not see. The day will be spent learning basic composition, exposure and capturing some of the wonderous images of the winter wonderland including waterfalls, water reflections and late in the day sunset alpine glow on the granite formations including Half Dome and Valley View. The day will be capped off with a visit to the Horsetail Fall site subject to weather conditions and access.

You will board the special mini-tour bus in Oakhurst at 8:30 am and enter the park thru the southgate. Pat Althizer as your photographer guide will take you a number of classic locations. Along the way you will be able to converse and share tips and informtion with other participants.

There is a maximum of 8 photographers. The cost of the all day excursion is $850 per photographer plus $140 for seating on the mini-bus. As about special discounted lodging at a local lodge.

To reserve this workshop, go to the Signup page on this site and email your information including any questions in the message box.