About Yosemite Photo
Tours and Workshops

"Guiding Yosemite Visitors around the park to the 'right place at the right time' is my number one priority"     -Pat Althizer Yosemite Photo Tours.
Magical...that was how I felt when at age 15 I watched in a darkroom the image appear on the white 8x10 paper floating in a tray of developer. And today, I still feel that same "magic" when making images in Yosemite Park. Sharing the magic with others is so fulfilling that I have over the past 10 years shared to over 400 others the sites and locations of Yosemite!

With my early fasination of the printed image, I chose to attend Riverside Poly High School with a Graphic Arts Major. After graduating in 1963 I continued to pursue my love of photography as a Official U.S Navy Photographer attending the Navy Photography School in Pensacola, Florida. Upon graduation, I was ordered to report to the aircraft carrier USS Midway-CVA 41 the Flag Ship of the 7th Fleet. After 3 Vietnam Tours in the Tonkin Gulf I was honorably discharged in late 1967.

In 1968 I found myself in San Francisco and Berkely my new home as I strove to build my career as a commercial photographer . Working with both Ad Agency and Industrial clients, I was able to successfully build a photography business in the Bay Area.

In 1980, my wife and I relocated to Mariposa County, a Yosemite Gateway community. We have since then raised three daughters and in 2009 I went into retirement. In 2010 I decided to create a unique Yosemite Guide service Photo Safari Yosemite, LLC  to serve the Yosemite visitors with a strong interest in photography.

Yosemite Photo Tours and Workshops with Pat Althizer was born out of Photo Safari Yosemite, LLC. Since 2010 Pat has operated under the Photo Safari Yosemite name but due to recent market changes, the guide operations have been modified to reflect client and market demands. Going forward, the guide services will include not only individual  private photo tours but small mixed group photo workshops as well.

In addition to private guided outings into Yosemite, the photo services have been expanded to include local lodging and transportation. A special arrangement with the Best Western Hotel in Oakhurst along with a local tour bus operator now enables  Yosemite Photo Tours and Workshops with Pat Althizer to offer this special package  to our clients.

To get an idea of what to expect and what may be best for your visit to Yosemite, you can go to the Tours Page and the Workshops Page for a detailed description of your options.

To reserve your day in the park with Yosemite Photo Tours and Workshops with Pat Althizer go to the Signup page and email me your information including date of when you will be visiting and the preference for the Tour or Workshop. You can also call direct or leave a message on my cell phone.  You will in return be sent a custom itinerary for your review including costs. Upon acceptance of the proposal for your visit to Yosemite you will be emailed a request for deposit via PayPal to reserve and secure your date.